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Trade, Sales, Transportation and Plants of young and old olive trees to the trade and private. Very competitive price offering. On request, including transportation and planting.

Mobile: (00351) 916386204

Fax  (00351) 282 356185

Email. info@oldtree.info

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3 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. Im Horticulturist work in Dubai 22 yrs and 1.5 yrs in Qatar at present 29 days in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in my project drawing that make me scare is 1 500 yrs old olive tree to be planted inthe mousque area and 10pcs 100 yrs old in selected VIP house the question that keep me quiet is the proponent question is this tree can survive in Riyadh KSA .. Im tigh lip and ask my friend google and goodbless i see your site… I already made method statement how to handle planting og century old balled tree I said in the meeting if this 100 and 500 yrs old olive tree die in our site WE DONT LOSS THE TREE WE LOSS NATIONAL HERITAGES,… You are the expert it is possible this specimen plant can survive in Riyadh… 2nd question How much is the 100yr old exclude FOB and 500 yrs old tree…you can give the details on my email and add me on my facebook carlosbacho Thank and More power to you…

  2. Thank you for your mail:

    Olive trees are one of the strongest trees of the world, The can survive in extreme situations. From desert temperatures to the snow hills of Granada (spain). If you water the tree so once in a wile there is no problem to plant them in doors. The tree needs light so it must be a bright space.

    If you have more questions please let me know, I will be happy to answer,


  3. We are building at the ocean in Venice, CA and will live at the beach at the Pacific Ocean. We would like three olive trees that produce olives. They would be outside with plenty of sun and some wind and salt from sea and would like to have information on survival.

    We are in the Algarve sometimes every other year….

    Thanks CB

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