Algarve supplier of Mature Olive Trees,

Landscape trees and Mature Palm Trees. We specialize in Transplanting Trees, Native Trees, Exotic Trees, Evergreen Trees and Deciduous Trees. We operate a Mature Tree broker Service. Tre Old Tree has a nursery of approximately 250 mature trees, ranging in size from Treespade Trees to 30 Ton containerised trees. We have a team of experienced & Qualified Arborists undertaking the relocation work. Included in our Arboricultural Services is Contract tree Relocation – trees of your own, any size – large or extra large, resited. All trees supplied & planted by The Old Tree are guaranteed. We can supply and / or site trees to any location in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgum, Holland, Germany. We have been involved in the Arboricultural Industry for several years & our reputation and workmanship is leading in the field.