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Extensive sucker growth

| Uncategorized | January 26, 2011

I recently pruned about 20 mature olive trees and now have extensive sucker growth. Is there a weed killer , or ?, that will kill the suckers but not the tree. I do not harvest the fruit. Thank you R. Crosby

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One Response to “Extensive sucker growth”

  1. Hi Robert.
    Removing sucker growth is probably the most annoying part of looking after your trees. As far as I know there’s no chemicals that get rid of the suckers.When pruning, start at the bottom (the suckers), and work your way up. You will find that you’ll only have to work hard on removing the suckers for the first 2 years. After that, they tend to grow less and less. When pruning higher up the tree you should leave a ‘stub’ of branch when you cut, but with suckers, you can be brutal., the closer to the trunk, the better. Leaving even the smallest stub will give you lots more work the following year.

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